Yard2Kitchen services will make it easy for you to enjoy flavorful organic produce fresh from your own backyard garden. Our hand-built raised vegetable beds artfully and scientifically combine your choice of vegetables, fruit, and herbs to produce the greatest yield in the smallest space. Read on for the process we follow to ensure that you’re 100% happy with your new garden.

Service Areas:

Our current territory is Central and Northern New Jersey. Please contact us to learn if your home is within one of our markets. Join our email list to get updates as we expand our coverage.


Consultation and Design

fresh organic produce - potatoes, cucumber, carrots, garlic

Our Backyard Garden Consultant will meet with you to identify your family’s unique interests, needs, and preferences. These insights will form the foundation of your custom planting plan.

Whatever your motivations for wanting your own backyard vegetable garden, we can build one that makes your wishes a reality. For example:

  • Are you interested in supporting a healthy lifestyle? We’ll recommend vegetables that support heart health, cholesterol management, and other common conditions.
  • Seeking a fun, educational outdoor family project? Your garden will include plants that are fun to eat and easy for little ones to tend.
  • Do you love pesto? You’ll get enough basil plants for a year of delicious pasta dinners. We’ll even give you advice on the best way to store it to preserve flavor and nutritional value.
  • Hate brussel sprouts (or any other vegetable)? Never fear, we’ll be sure to leave them out of your plan.

Next, we’ll survey your property to determine your garden’s ideal size, location, sun orientation, and aesthetic to integrate with your existing landscape. We also recommend solutions to address common challenges such as deer, poor drainage, and heavy tree cover.

Our Expert Professional Gardener will incorporate the information collected at your first meeting into a customized 3-season* planting plan. You’ll receive an informative, easy-to-understand color rendition of your final garden plan for your approval. Then it’s time to start building!

*Beds installed after May 15 yield 2 seasons in the first year.


Construction and Installation

frame for an organic Yard 2 Kitchen garden
Our experienced in-house team will build your garden bed’s wood frame and install it in the ideal location. You can choose to have our gardening experts plant according to your approved garden plan, or you can dig into our rich proprietary soil mix and do your own planting.

Over years of testing, we’ve proven that the components of our planting system function together to produce the healthiest plants and the greatest yield.

  • Timber Frame Bed Our custom 2” thick locally sourced lumber without harmful preservatives. The bed is a healthy 15” deep, allowing root vegetables (carrots, beets, etc.) to fully develop, and deep-rooted crops like tomatoes to thrive.
  • Proprietary Growing Medium We start with premium soil amended with rich compost that’s naturally rich in organic matter. When soil is so naturally fertile, there’s no need for added chemical fertilizers.
  • Weed Mat Cloth and Mulch A layer of organic mulch moderates soil temperatures, retains moisture, and, together with the mat, shields the garden from weeds.
  • Irrigation system Never worry about watering: Our automated drip irrigation system provides the perfect amount of water directly to the plant roots, exactly when it’s needed.
  • Plants We offer expert planting services, exclusively using organically produced, non-GMO seeds from our trusted suppliers.

Additional Garden Options:

  • Signature Squirrel/Deer Proof Fencing System Our unique construction affords ease of access to your plants while effectively keeping animals out of your precious garden.
  • Extra Planting Space Wood perimeter planters that attach to the exterior of the main frame are available to provide more room to grow herbs and edible flowers.

step-3Garden Management and Maintenance Services

basket of fresh organic vegetables

When you purchase an organic garden from Yard2Kitchen you’re also purchasing the confidence that your garden will yield the healthiest, most bounteous harvest of vegetables, fruit, and herbs. We set you on the path to success with our backyard-proven raised bed system. Then, it’s up to you to decide how much or how little work you’d like to do yourself.

If you’re already a passionate gardener, the raised bed installation might be all you need to get started.

For those who lack the experience, time, or interest to maintain the garden on their own, we offer 2 levels of expert maintenance plans. Both plans offer the following core set of necessary benefits; you choose the frequency of your Expert Professional Gardener visits.

  • Expert Gardener 24/7 Email Support
  • Management, Maintenance and Educational Visits (monthly or bi-weekly)
  • Written Assessment and Report after each visit
  • Harvest Alert Service or Full-Service Harvesting
  • 7 year Raised Bed Guarantee
  • Garden Starter Kit


A Yard2Kitchen organic garden is customized to meet each homeowner’s unique needs, so the best way to get started is to schedule a complimentary home consultation.

Our Backyard Garden Consultant will assess your property, discuss your family’s goals for the garden, and review the many options available to create your perfect organic raised bed. At the meeting’s conclusion, you’ll receive a firm price quote plus information about our purchase guarantees.

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