Does Yard2Kitchen offer a free consultation?

Yes. We offer our complimentary consultation  to fully describe the features and benefits of our custom raised bed gardens and work with you to determine what size garden would be best for your family, the options you may want and to select the fruit and vegetables your family would like in your garden. Our Backyard Garden Consultant will then assess your backyard for hours and orientation of sunlight, soil drainage, and water hook-ups for the irrigation system. Our Backyard Garden Consultant will provide you with possible locations of your future garden incorporating the specifications of the assessment and how it will best fit in your landscaping.

Do you do corporate, school or restaurant gardens?

Our initial focus is primarily residential backyard gardens. We plan to explore other markets such as schools, larger condominium/townhouse communities and local restaurants. Follow our website for future announcements or contact us if you’re interested in an assessment for your business, school, or restaurant.

Is a Yard2Kitchen garden a good investment for your home?

You bet! Your garden will set your home apart from others in the mind of potential buyers. Having a garden is also a great way to get to know your neighbors. It also makes a statement to your commitment of living an ecologically and sustainable lifestyle. It adds value to your home and quality to your lifestyle and cooking.

Is Yard2Kitchen organic?

Absolutely! We only use organic methods and materials and are committed to organic gardening and sustainable agricultural practices. We intend to educate our clients, schools and communities at large on the merits of organic and sustainable living.

How do you deal with pests in the garden?

For larger pests such as deer, squirrels, moles and birds, we offer our proprietary pest fencing system designed to keep out these critters, while allowing you and your family easy access for routine gardening activities. Our Personal Garden Specialists are expert in dealing with insect pests and disease. Our Garden Concierge Program is intended to keep you garden free of pests and disease.

If we miss the spring season shouldn’t I just wait until next year to start the garden?

No need to wait. The wonderful thing about our succession and companion planting process is the ability to provide fruits and vegetables right up to snow season. We are fortunate our climate in New Jersey is temperate and allows 3 full seasons of harvest. Our Concierge maintenance program only charges for the months you have available to garden. It’s also a good idea to get your garden in as soon as possible so that you can start building the soil for the spring season.

How much produce can I expect to harvest?

Due to our high density planting, even watering with our drip irrigation system, three season succession planting and depth/quality of our soil and compost we estimate our gardens average at least 5-6 pounds of produce per square foot per year. However, harvest volumes will vary greatly by sun exposure and crop selection. Our Garden Support Specialists practice these intensive planting methods to ensure that you’re getting the biggest yield possible from your garden, spring, summer of fall.

If I go out of town, will my garden be maintained and watered?

We design our gardens with a reliable drip irrigation system and soil moisture detector so our clients need not worry, whether home or away, about manually watering the garden. We encourage our clients to enroll in the Yard2Kitchen Concierge maintenance program to assure consistent maintenance throughout the gardening seasons.

How long can I go away for our family vacation?

Yard2 Kitchen does not want you to limit your vacations or life styles. We believe our gardens and maintenance programs are hassle free. Our Concierge maintenance program provides good controls on disease and pest management and to assure the garden systems are operating properly. If you intend to go on a month vacation or longer, we will adjust the Concierge program for more frequent visits. One extra visit is complimentary. Two or more will have an additional fee. The other consideration for clients who may take extended vacations is timing of harvests. We encourage and teach timely harvest to our clients. If you’re away for an extended period, we can deliver the ripe produce to a neighbor or donate the produce to a food pantry under your name.

Is there a deadline to assure we get three full seasons of crops in our garden?

Yes, our overall plan based on a number of considerations (mostly weather), ideally requires we plant our spring planting mid-April. Accordingly, we plant our summer season by mid-June and fall by mid-August.. This will provide the greatest yield of vegetables. We could still plant the three seasons with a mid-May spring deadline and push the remaining two seasons by one month as well. With this plan, we will limit the fall season’s vegetable to the very hardy variety that can with stand a frost.

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