Our Story

Food from the earth has an unmatched ability to bring people together, nourishing more than just our bodies. Perhaps you’ve savored the delight of a farm-to-table meal, or seen a child’s expression upon first discovering how something grows, or felt a profound sense of peace when walking through a garden. Now, imagine being able to experience these transforming moments in your own backyard.

Our team has a longstanding appreciation for gardening and health, and has brought together our collective enthusiasm and decades of combined experience to create Yard2Kitchen Organic Gardens.

Our vision

To inspire families to be healthy and connected, to support children in learning a skill for life, and to foster a sense of pride and accomplishment. We will work with you to show you how easy and fulfilling it can be to have an organic garden of your own, and how easy it can be to incorporate it into a busy lifestyle.

Meet our team

Ed Albright

Expert Professional Gardener

profile_edGrowing up in what was then rural Long Island, Ed was surrounded by its famous potato farms. It was here, before the development, traffic and suburban sprawl took over, that Ed began to appreciate farming. He also had the opportunity to work at his grandfather’s farm in Nova Scotia in his formative years. Ed graduated from Cornell University Agricultural School.

Following a long career in the pharmaceutical industry, Ed retired to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities with a focus on his passion of landscaping and agriculture. He achieved certification as a Master Gardener from Rutgers University.

Kenny Baldo

Garden Consultant / Certified Health and Wellness Coach

profile_kenAs a Certified Professional Health and Wellness Coach and competitive marathon runner, Kenny understands the value of nutrition and its impact on living a more fulfilled, happier and healthier life. Once a self-confessed “unhealthy eater,” he ‘s been a vegetarian since 2006 and a practicing vegan since 2012. He also advocates healthy eating in his coaching practice and has seen families grow closer, engage more fully, and be more present in mind, body, and soul with their children, family, and friends.

A lifelong entrepreneur, Kenny is passionate about Yard2Kitchen because it promises our clients so much more than just organic gardens ­– it promises to grow a new, environmentally aware generation that’s passionate about fresh produce’s ability to fuel the body and the soul.

Staci Elster

Garden Consultant / Certified Yoga Instructor

Staci practically grew up with a shovel in her hand. Her father owns one of South Florida’s largest landscape and maintenance companies. She started working at his nurseries and on job sites in her early teens: propagating, gardening, and doing maintenance. She credits her love of healthy foods to her mother, a vegan who encouraged her to eat whole grains, fresh produce, and low fat foods.

After receiving a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Florida State University, her passion for nature drove her to become a Graduate Gemologist, a career she still enjoys 25 years later. A certified Yoga instructor, Staci loves to cook and coveted a backyard vegetable garden to supply her healthy creations. Realizing that her rocky backyard soil impeded cultivation, she reluctantly leased a plot in the community garden. Frustrated, she thought, “Maybe a raised bed will let me garden in my backyard.” And there was the seed of the Yard2Kitchen idea!

Bill Boyce

Licensed Landscape Architect and Designer

profile_billWilliam R. Boyce IV (aka: Biosphere Bill) is the Owner and Principle Landscape Architect of Biosphere, Inc., a Design/Build Landscape Architecture firm. He is a problem solver by nature and thrives on creating aesthetically pleasing solutions for challenging landscapes. His design work ranges from large commercial projects such as golf courses and apartment complexes to residential Master Plans, property renovations and creative plantscapes.

After graduating Summa Cum Laude from Virginia Polytechnic Institute in 1994 he went to work for the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission where he developed an expertise in the field of large scale wetlands restoration and mitigation. He established Biosphere, Inc. in 1995 and has been designing and building beautiful landscapes ever since.

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